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Alabastan Days

There was something about Alabasta that made Sanji feel extremely romantic.

Maybe it was the desert and the endless sand. Maybe it was the white palace the Strawhats were currently sequestered in. Maybe it was the culture of the place with it's exotic dishes and tales of djinn and plucky heroes.

Or it just could have been Zoro pressing Sanji against one of the pillars in that white palace; the pair secluded from all others as the swordsman started to kiss along his collarbone.

Sanji gave a fetching groan as Zoro trailed his tongue near the cook's jugular. The man always did know all the right buttons to push. Then the swordsman moved on to kissing the blond on the lips with an urgency that hadn't been there for some time.

Sanji chalked it up to the fact that they had just survived another tough fight.

Breaking apart for a moment, the cook managed to reverse their positions with some fancy footwork. Why should the marimo have all the fun?

Ten minutes later and the couple were still as wrapped up in each other as always.

Zoro continued his assault on the cooks lips and grunted a little as he traced his hand over the blond's well defined abs.

Sanji, while appreciating the kiss and hand, felt that something was missing. Sure he liked to kiss and what usually followed between the both of them afterward but he also craved something more than merely physical contact.

In short, Sanji wanted romance.

The cook was about to tell his lover this when a discrete cough came to life. Both men turned their heads slowly to see a blushing princess Vivi.

Hearts instantly sprang to life in Sanji's eyes and he was about to prostrate himself at her feet when he felt Zoro's strong arm on his waist.

“Um...I didn't know that you two were...together,” Vivi said.

“Yeah, have a problem with that?” Zoro said gruffly.

Sanji elbowed the swordsman for that remark and smiled at the princess.

“Yes, we are and we were just about to head into the kitchen for a nice lunch, right marimo?”

Images floated through the green-haired man's head at the suggestion of lunch. Sanji lay spread out on the table, a mug of beer in his hand. His cook was naked as the day he was born and there was that look in his eye, the one that made Zoro want to punch him and kiss him at the same time.

“Zoro-kun, don't you want your lunch?”

Shaking his head from the fantasy once he heard Vivi call his name, Zoro cleared his throat.

“Lunch sounds good, let's go Sanji.”

And so, with Zoro leading the shocked cook towards the palace doors, the pair left.

Vivi was now alone among the white columns and blue sky.

Until a pair of arms wrapped around her waist, a pair of breasts making contact with her back.

“That was good blackmail potential,” Nami whispered in her lover's ear.

Vivi sighed as Nami turned her around and kissed her full on the lips. Once they had broken apart Vivi grinned and pressed Nami up against a nearby pillar.

“What's gotten into you?” Nami asked, anticipation evident in her question.

Vivi's eyes gleamed as she attacked Nami's lips, urgency in every motion and a possessiveness that rivaled any of the old kings of Alabasta.

The navigator could get used to this side of her princess.


In the kitchen, Zoro started to shout.

“What the hell is this?!”

Sanji was most definitely not naked and not carrying a mug of booze. Instead there was a single candle lit on a round table. A rose lay on Zoro's side of the table along with a dish of spaghetti.

“This is lunch and you had better eat civilly,” Sanji threatened. And Zoro knew just how stingy the cook could be when denying sex to the first mate. So with a sigh Zoro sat down while Sanji beamed at his boyfriend.

Now to enjoy a moment with his marimo that didn't involve swollen lips and sweaty pawing.







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