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Questing Glance

Their eyes meet across the crowded room, his first step shaky as he moves towards her.

A history surrounds those shaky limbs, reminding Robin of the first time she saw Usopp, pointing a slingshot at her despite the fear evident in every part of him. That same fear that overcame even his newly gained confidence after their two year separation and reunion. He had kissed her and had swiftly broken apart, waiting for her reaction.

It wasn't long before she reciprocated, multiple arms pressing him hard against a nearby wall.

She remembers their first date, her own anxious feelings masked by her outwardly calm expression and his overly heightened emotions that night. The sudden storm after their meal, being drenched from head to toe despite all of his best plans or her powers; the laughter that had escaped her lips, feeling like a child as she beckoned him onward through a world of puddles.

She remembers his comforting arms as she recounted to him fully what she could recall of her past; Saul's laugh, Olivia's determination, and Ohara's fall unfolding themselves in the quiet, desperate tones of her voice.

She remembers laughing as she observes the results of Usopp, Luffy, and Chopper's latest prank; Nami's hair staying rainbow-colored for the following week.

But the history is locked away in the happiest corners of her memory as he reaches her, taking her hand and looking, by her estimation, incredibly dashing in his tuxedo as Luffy goes through the wedding ceremony as fast as he can, eyes darting now and then to the large buffet table as he does so.

Robin doesn't mind and once she says two words and observes a moment of silence she is dodging the long nose of her seconds-to-be husband as their lips meet and the crowd cheers.

After The Ever

This is something from a dream, Usopp finds himself thinking as his wife looks at him with tired eyes, her blue hair tied back into a ponytail by the palace midwife. There's a pink bundle in her outstretched arms, moving as the occupant of that bundle takes in the world and the former pirate.

He takes his daughter from his wife and looks into the child's face.

Already he can tell that the baby will have her mother's hair but the nose is definitely his.

And though he married a princess he isn't a king, Vivi abdicating her title to allow her people to establish a republic and, when she was being completely honest with herself, to free herself from the throne's restrictions.

Of course it was hard for Vivi to be completely honest when she was married to a liar.

Usopp and the baby girl blink at each other for several quiet moments, causing Vivi to laugh a bit at the expression on her husband's face.

"Now that she's here what will we call her?"

Usopp pondered his wife's question as he continued to look at his daughter, marveling at her weight in his arms, the minute fingers she was reaching out towards his long nose, and the beating of her tiny heart.

"Marie," he finally said, earning a nod from Vivi.

And as Usopp moved beside his wife, Marie still in his arms, he started to tell a story about a princess and a village boy, Vivi smiling as she listened and watched her daughter's movements still at the sound of Usopp's voice.

He had seen the world change, he had fought a giant mole, he had sailed with the Pirate King, yet this moment with his family outshone all the adventures and battles he had participated in.

 There were more to come, he was sure of it. The best stories never end after all.

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